Metastatic Cutaneous Melanoma of the Gallbladder.

Patel D, Sohrawardy S, Sedhai YR et al.

Internal Medicine, Mercy Catholic Medical Center, Darby, PA, USA.

Case reports in gastrointestinal medicine. 2017.

Metastatic melanoma is an aggressive disease that can spread to many organs of the body. In rare cases, it can spread to the gallbladder causing secondary lesions, yet presenting with little to no symptoms. Therefore, most cases of metastatic melanoma lesions to the gallbladder go undiagnosed. Here, we present the case of a 41-year-old male with a four-month history of melanoma of the face, with a postresection status, who presented with right upper quadrant abdominal pain. Doppler ultrasound and computed tomography confirmed the presence of a mass on the gallbladder. Laparoscopic excision along with liver wedge resection was performed. Pathology staining revealed the presence of a malignant metastatic melanoma lesion of the gallbladder.


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