Sonographically Detected Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Apparently Healthy Adults and Associated Factors.

Saha M, Nahar K, Parveen I et al.

Dr Madhusudan Saha, Associate Professor, Department of Gastroenterology, North East Medical College, Sylhet, Bangladesh; E-email:

Mymensingh medical journal : MMJ. Jan 2017.

This hospital-based study was done to see the prevalence of sonologically detected non alcoholic fatty liver disease and associated factors in the apparently healthy adults. Apparently healthy and non alcoholic companions of the patients visiting the Centre of Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound, Sylhet were subjected to abdominal ultrasonography to see the presence of fatty liver. Demographic features and other relevant data were collected in a semi structured questionnaire to find out the associated factors for non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Total 1019 persons with mean age of 37.23 years were included in the study. Among them 703 (69%) were female and 316 (31%) were male. Out of them 189 (18.5%) persons had sonologically detectable nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. NAFLD was more prevalent in male than female (25.6% vs. 15.4%, p=0.000). In univariate analysis NAFLD were more in male (25.6%) 41-50 years age group (29.3%, p=0.000), over weight (32.3%)/obese subjects (51.4%), businessmen (24.0%), service holders (28.7%), high income group, diabetics (27.0% vs. 18.0%, p=0.000) and hypertensive subjects (43.3% vs. 15.24%, p=0.000). In multivariate analysis, BMI over 23kg/m² (OR 6.683, p=0.000), age >30 years (OR 1.787, p=0.006) and higher income (OR 1.788, 95% CI 0.970-3.293) were independent factors associated with NAFLD. Sonologically detected nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (18.5%) is common in our apparently healthy adults. BMI over 23kg/m² was the most important predictor for NAFLD.


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