Pharmacological Activities and Synthesis of Esculetin and Its Derivatives: A Mini-Review.

Liang C, Ju W, Pei S et al.

Faculty of Pharmacy, Shaanxi University of Science & Technology, 6 Xuefu Road, Xi’an 710021, China.

Molecules (Basel, Switzerland). Mar 2017.

Esculetin, synonymous with 6,7-dihydroxycoumarin, is the main active ingredient of the traditional Chinese medicine Cortex Fraxini. The twig skin or trunk bark of Cortex Fraxini are used by herb doctors as a mild, bitter liver and gallbladder meridians’ nontoxic drug as well as dietary supplement. Recently, with a variety of novel esculetin derivatives being reported, the molecular mechanism research as well as clinical application of Cortex Fraxini and esculetin are becoming more attractive. This mini-review will consolidate what is known about the biological activities, the mechanism of esculetin and its synthetic derivatives over the past decade in addition to providing a brief synopsis of the properties of esculetin.


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