International Liver Transplant Society Consensus Statement on HEPATITIS C MANAGEMENT IN LIVER TRANSPLANT RECIPIENTS.

Terrault N, Berenguer M, Strasser S et al.

NA Terrault: Hepatology and Transplant Surgery, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco CA; M. Berenguer: Liver Unit, Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe, Universidad Valencia and CIBEREHD, Valencia, Spain; SI Strasser: Australian National Liver Transplant Unit,, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia; A Gadano: Liver Unit, Hospital Italiano, Buenos Aires, Argentina; L. Lilly: Toronto Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; D Samuel: Hepatology, AP-HP Hôpital Paul-Brousse, Centre Hépato-Biliaire, Univ Paris-Sud, UMR-S 1193, Université Paris-Saclay, Inserm, Unité 1193, Université Paris-Saclay, Villejuif, France. P Kwo: Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA; K Agarwal: Institute of Liver Studies, Kings College Hospital, London, UK; MP Curry: Liver Center, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA, USA; Stefano Fagiuoli: Gastroenterology and Transplant Hepatology, Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital – Begamo, Italy; J Fung: The Liver Transplant Center, Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong; E Gane: New Zealand Liver Transplant Unit, Auckland City Hospital; KA Brown: Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan, USA; P Burra: Multivisceral Transplant Unit, Department of Surgery, Oncology and Gastroenterology, Padova University Hospital, Padova, Italy; M Charlton: Utah Intermountain Transplant and Regenerative Medicine Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. MG Pessoa: Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, University of São Paulo School of Medicine, São Paulo, Brazil; GW McCaughan: Australian National Liver Transplant Unit, Centenary Research Institute, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia.

Transplantation. Mar 2017.


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